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Meal Planning Tool

Have you ever thought “I don’t have time to make healthy meals”? Planning ahead makes for less time and effort in the kitchen and helps you meet your healthy eating goals.

Meal planning is perfect for everyone, whether your busy and on-the-go or you need to conserve your time and energy for things other than being in the kitchen; meal planning is for you.

In this planning tool I don’t just give you an easy weekly menu to use and reuse, I list my top tips on how to make meals flow from one day to the next, while writing down your grocery list and what foods to prep ahead of time.


Sara Brunner

I am a Registered Dietitian passionate about educating others about food and healthy eating. I help people achieve better health by giving them the tools and support, I am an expert of how food and nutrition play a significant role in chronic disease. I also know how it feels; I have Lyme Disease and a variety of co-infections. Food and nutrition have played a very important role in the management and recovery from this disease. Lyme causes inflammation in the body and down-regulates the immune system, our food choices can directly affect both and I am able to guide those through Lyme and other chronic diseases. I don’t only focus on food, I teach about vitamins, supplements, how to make the most of your time in the kitchen, including recipes and handy-kitchen tools that allow you to make healthy meals when your ill. I am also yoga teacher, and believe strongly in the mind-body connection, basic yoga practices have greatly influenced my physical and emotional health through such a traumatic health journey.

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