My Journey

I think it is important to start by saying that as humans we feel many things in our lives define who we are. I choose not to be defined by Lyme Disease and believe that no one should allow a disease to define them. I prefer to say that I am “managing Lyme Disease” rather than “I have Lyme Disease”.

In the spring of 2014 I woke up and found an insect bite on my shoulder. My husband sent me up to the clinic to have it looked and at the time it was thought to be a spider bite, I was given ointment and sent on my way.

Over the next couple of months symptoms started slow and were easily ignored:
I was tired because I kept myself busy,
I had a sore throat so I must be fighting off a virus,
My knees hurt because I was sitting on the floor throughout my yoga teacher training.

And then three months later I couldn’t lift my arm without extreme pain. The myriad of symptoms that surfaced as time went on is unimaginable. When the pain in my joints became too much and affected my ability to work and do simple daily tasks I knew I had to take some of this into my own hands. I started digging into the research and realizing I had a lot of power to make positive changes because two things were clear: my body was in a state of severe inflammation and my immune system was attacking me. These were both things that can be impacted by what we eat.

Time went on and I was still a medical mystery. My symptoms continued to worsen as new ones appeared. By January 2016 I had started to lose the ability to sit up or stand up. I wasn’t able to walk more than a couple of steps. I was in unbelievable pain. There were days that it was physically impossible for me to brush my own teeth.

A few months later in March we finally received a diagnosis: it was Lyme Disease. While doing my best to manage symptoms and assist my body through the uncertainty I had unknowingly been preparing my body to start treatment. Midway through 2016 I began intensive IV antibiotic treatment and other than some expected Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions, my tolerance to treatment has been well, beyond what has been expected. As I continue to treat myself and move through this journey I am not only passionate about Lyme Disease advocacy and awareness, but also as a Registered Dietitian I am passionate about educating others about food and healthy eating.

As an expert in nutrition, my goal is to help people achieve better health by giving them the tools and support necessary using the knowledge and first hand experience I have in
how food and nutrition play a significant role in Lyme and chronic disease. For me personally,
food and nutrition have been vital in the management and recovery from this disease. Lyme causes inflammation in the body and down-regulates the immune system, our food choices can directly affect both and I want help to others through this complex, overwhelming and scary journey.

As you read through my site, you’ll notice that I don’t only focus on food. I teach about vitamins, supplements, how to make the most of your time in the kitchen, including recipes and handy-kitchen tools that allow you to make healthy meals when your ill. As a yoga teacher, I believe strongly in the mind-body connection, basic yoga practices have greatly influenced my physical and emotional health through such a traumatic health journey and I am here to help you through yours.

If you look hard enough there is always a silver lining. Becoming ill has forced me to stop what I was doing. Life had to slow down and my focus had to shift. I believe it was a wake up call to shake me from the path of living a routine life with less self awareness, and forcing me to ask myself “what do you really want from life?”. I’ve gained a great appreciation for this illness. It has come with many lessons and because of it I know I’ll live a more fulfilling life doing things that I am passionate about, and one of those things is helping others through this journey.

 Lyme Treatment at Paracelsus – Week One

Throughout my four weeks of therapies at Paracelsus to treat Lyme Disease I’ve been trying to keep a daily journal to share.  Many people have expressed their interest or questions about what I am doing here, how it is going and (of course) if it is helping. The short...

Lyme Disease Treatment: A New Year, A New Continent

I suppose my natural tendency towards this change would be inevitable.  From the time I was 17 I suffered from really severe acid reflux. We found out I had a hiatal hernia, wide esophageal junction and a tear in the sphincter that separated my esophagus and stomach....

Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning’s End

A few things have happened since my last post.  The biggest of those is that my IV Central Line was removed! This alone has brightened my mood considerably; near the end every day with that line felt like it was creeping up into my throat and strangling me.  I did my...

Lyme Disease Treatment: When You Can’t Keep Going

After 16 months of IV antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease I can’t keep going. Physically or mentally. The mental struggles I’ve been having have gained force, anxiety, depression … not to mention herx reactions to the treatment itself. I am done.

A Year of Treating Lyme Disease: Success and Failures

July 6, 2017, today is day number 395 with my IV central line and day number 395 of treating Lyme Disease.  Ideally this post would have come on day 365, marking one calendar year … but meeting deadlines is nearly impossible these days.  Writing these posts take...

An Anniversary You Don’t Want to Celebrate

In the life of Lyme there are always unforeseen difficulties that stop you from accomplishing the things you want when you want. With that said, this is a post I intended to write, review and publish back in May … and it is now approaching the end of August.  I hope...

Lyme. Laugh. Love.

“In sickness and in health, ‘till death due us part.”   The all-so-famous line in many people’s wedding vows … including ours.   When you’re in your 20’s or 30’s would you ever imagine having these ten words transpire into reality? Like most people, we surely didn’t...

Lyme Disease: A Six Month Update

Its been a while since I’ve written anything or uploaded any videos to my YouTube channel.  I’m now more than half way into month 6 of treatment for Lyme Disease.  I’ve been asked by a lot of people if I’m feeling better.   That is a really hard question to answer.  ...

A Cocktail of Emotions with a Twist of Lyme

First, I have been struggling to get this post ‘just right’ before finally putting it on the blog.  And then something happened.   Today I woke and followed my usual routine: coffee and quiet time with my iPad while I slowly come out of my post-sleep-zombie-trance....

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